(EN) A multifaceted campaign for a property development that celebrates the areas character, history and individuality.

(EN) Photographer James Tolich was commissioned to capture the charm and remnants of the area's seaside resort past.

(EN) Unique aspects of the architecture were captured in a set of animations by French illustrator Geoffroy de Crécy.

(EN) Derek Henderson was commissioned to create a series of still life photographs, the sculptural forms were created with the material pallets from different areas in the building.


One Wellington is a unique and sophisticated development located in a commanding position in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda. A distinctive and multifaceted brand identity and marketing campaign was required to launch and position the development as individual, personalised and suitable for a diverse group of residents. With an immense choice in lifestyle to discover via an area rich in history, culture and character, the campaign spoke to many styles and taste levels.

Building on the individual and luxury interior design of KPDO, Studio Ongarato’s multi-layered campaign was directed towards a mindset rather than a target market profile, inspired by the multi-faceted subcultures that are unique to the mindset of the surrounding area. Shifting from sophisticated through to youthful, from serious to humorous, the campaign invited prospective residents to live ‘A life less ordinary’.

The concept was personified by a series of strong statements with different artistic visions reflecting the different places, people, situations, styles and choices which comprise One Wellington. A rich visual tapestry representing the stories, people, places, situations and styles unique to the area was reflected in specially commissioned photography by Derek Henderson and James Tolich and illustrations by Alice Tye and Geoffroy de Cercy.

The campaign featured a hardcover book, softcover style books, posters, postcards and multi-format cards, with each creative theme unveiling authentic stories from unexpected perspectives – from photography to illustration, that lives to the promise of being less ordinary.

  • (EN) Project Scope

    (EN) Brand Strategy and Naming

    (EN) Marketing Campaign

    (EN) Signage

    (EN) Artwork Commission

  • (EN) Project Collaborators

    (EN) Architects & Interior Designer: KPDO

    (EN) Photographers: Derek Henderson, James Tolich

    (EN) Stylist: Alicia Sciberras

    (EN) Illustration: Carissa Potter Carlso, Geoffroy de Crécy, Alice Tyre, St Francis Elevator Ride

    (EN) Animation: Vivi Feng

    (EN) Film: Coco & Maxamilian

  • (EN) Awards

    (EN) 2019 AGDA Design Awards, Pinnacle Award for Print, Catalogues & Brochures