A new Melbourne dining institution with an homage to the past

Dining Room by Russell & George

Art by Gill Button

Lounge by Russell & George. Photography by Tom Blachford

(EN) The Collins Street address of the city's first couture boutique is now home to Society. The terrace pays tribute to the landmark and high society figurehead Lillian Wightman, with a playful script in the spirit of the 1923 signage and a warmer palette to complement the different environment and experience.

Terrace by Russell & George. Photography by Sean Fennessey

(EN) From the entrance, visitors are greeted at ground level by dimensional lettering inlaid to stone, while above illuminated vertical projecting signs herald the location at Collins Street.

Society is a fine dining destination comprising diverse tiers of experience at the historic east end of Melbourne’s CBD. Studio Ongarato was engaged to create the name and visual identity and signage for the restaurant, which includes a dining room, brasserie, terrace and lounge bar.

Inspired by the context and history of the site at 80 Collins Street, the resulting brand captures the character of the city and neighbouring fashion boutiques of past and present, with an enduring logotype and monochromatic palette. Craft, detail and texture provide nuance throughout, balancing charm and drama, while complementing the theatre of the cuisine. Through the narrative and brand sensibilities, Society is positioned as a modern and quintessentially Melbourne dining address.

  • (EN) Project Scope

    (EN) Brand identity

    (EN) Packaging

    (EN) Wayfinding & Signage

  • (EN) Project Collaborators

    (EN) Artwork by Gill Button

    (EN) Photography by Lauren Bamford

    (EN) Architecture & Interior Design by Russell & George

    (EN) Signage Photography by Peter Bennetts