A radiant transformation for the world’s best selling collagen beauty brand.

(EN) The brand colour spectrum captures the personality and purpose, applied as a system across the product ranges and profiles.

(EN) Age Defiance Skincare

(EN) The digital presence brings to life the clinically proven product performance alongside authentic story telling and profiles of leading personalities who embody the brand values.

Vida Glow is a world leader in the emerging and highly competitive ingestible beauty market. Founded in Sydney in 2014 by Anna Lahey, the brand was founded on its hero Natural Marine collagen range.

Today Vida Glow specialises in a range of scientifically formulated supplements and skincare solutions using active ingredients. With the ambition to be the world’s most holistic beauty and wellness company, Vida Glow needed a new strategy, brand identity and packaging to elevate its products to the international luxury market and extend its reach and audience.

The studio began by identifying a demographic of cross generation active yet time-poor women, who aim to cultivate “a life of personal brilliance” without the complication of superficial regimes. A clear vision and positioning was developed, further inspired by the name and nature of the brand. The strategy was to create an identity that captured the idea of a “glow,” an inner radiance that shines through and is present in the brilliance of advocates and product scope.

The identity provides a consistent and strong foundation across scales and applications, responding to format for an ever present, bold impression. Within the broad spectrum of offering, a colour system codes ranges of product families and flavour profiles for the ingestible range.

Vida Glow is now the world’s best-selling marine collagen brand, with one product sold every four seconds and over six million units sold annually. Neiman Marcus, Selfridges, Le Bon Marche and Harrods are among the high-end international retailers that carry the brand in countries including the UK, France, Germany, the US and China. Vida Glow has also expanded into Sephora in Australia and New Zealand, and with over 145,000  on Instagram has featured in titles from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to Elle and Marie Claire.

Cementing the company as leaders in international beauty, the transformational new brand identity and packaging has positioned Vida Glow for global success – now and into the future.

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