(EN) Rain Room

A distinct, graphic expression and signage for Random International’s Rain Room for the Jackalope Art Collection

(EN) Pavement signage to Rain Room

(EN) Carpark and pedestrian entry signage illuminated for evening sessions

(EN) Carpark wayfinding signage

(EN) Lift activation environmental graphics

(EN) Jackalope and Rain Room graphic elements

Representing a significant acquisition to the Jackalope Art Collection founded by hotelier Louis Li, an identity and signage was sought for Random International’s Rain Room. Housed in a purpose-built pavilion designed by March Studio and situated at the top of the existing Prince of Wales carpark in St Kilda, the signage required a campaign-based response that celebrates the temporal nature of art installation. Evoking the Jackalope brand values and cementing the Jackalope connection with culture and art curation, the Jackalope brand typeface formed the foundation, extending the Rain Room as a distinctive, independent identity, yet inherently and iconically Jackalope. To guide visitors through a convoluted and hidden approach, the signage was planned as a trail of low-fi light boxes, banners, posters and wayfinding information directly applied to paving, carpark walls the lift interior and finally the pavilion itself.

  • (EN) Project Scope

    (EN) Branding

    (EN) Signage

  • (EN) Project Collaborators

    (EN) Architecture: March Studio

    (EN) Photography: Peter Bennetts and Sharyn Cairns

    (EN) Video: SIRAP