101 Collins Street End of Trip Facilities

101 Collins Street ‘End of Trip’ activation facilities are used by many competitive commuting cyclists and ‘midday milers’. The light based installation theme focusses on high-performance and time.

LED temperature signage in the end-of-trip bike facilities at 101 Collins Street

Comprising bike storage, change rooms and an equipment-airing room, the end of trip facilities at this prestigious Melbourne business address provide end of journey relief and rejuvenation for commuting cyclists, ‘midday milers’ and everyone in between. Conceived as a celebration of ‘high performance’, the space is enlivened by a light installation of animated number displays and timing systems, including an interactive stopwatch that activates when the change room doors open. Additional LED lighting shows the current time and outside temperature.

Diffused through translucent polycarbonate walls, the information changes colour to correspond visually with Melbourne’s weather. What may otherwise have been a mundane, and typically neglected environment, is instead a memorable experience that energises and inspires greater health and fitness among the building’s incumbents.

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    摄影: Peter Bennetts

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