(EN) Studio Ongarato wins six Distinctions and one Pinnacle at the Australian Graphic Design Association Design Awards 2018

(EN) As we enter our 25th year, the Studio now has even more reason to celebrate. Our work has been recognised at the recent Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Design Awards, winning seven awards including a Pinnacle Award for the W Shanghai Atrium Installation.

Held in Melbourne on 10 November 2018, the annual AGDA Design Awards recognise the best work in Australia across a wide range of design disciplines. A big thank you from us all to the clients who made these awards possible.

(Pinnacle Award)
Permanent Installation

Captivating Contrasts was developed as the overarching narrative, drawing on the history, geography and attitudes of the paradox that is Shanghainese culture. A 22-meter high atrium space greets guests arriving at the W Shanghai. Intended to delight guests and seduce passers-by, this dramatic void is activated by a suspended, multi-storey light-scape in homage to the iconic Lilong laneway laundry tradition. Layered first with stylised garments, then the bright lights of Nanjing Road and, ultimately, the high-rise futurism of Pudong, it establishes a memorable and immersive entry that sets the scene for the experience to follow.

(Distinction Award)
Catalogues and Brochures

Building on the artful architecture and design of Bates Smart, Fabio Ongarato Design developed a positioning for 85 Spring St inspired by the German philosophy of Gesamtkunstwerk, a “work of art”; The concept was personified by a series of portraits themed Spring, Time, Melbourne and Building respectively. Each portrait became an independent volume in a keepsake set, expressing a unique part of the story that is 85 Spring St, layering up to create the total work of art.

(Distinction Award)
Entire Book

The book is separated into four parts, delineated by chapter breaks referencing calendar numerals in the Pidapido colour palette and capturing Lisa’s memories from childhood to today. Recipe ingredients are personified in seasonal scenes using modernist yet playful illustration and design in the lineage of classic 60s and 70s Italian design. Lisa’s story is woven through the book, with memories captured in nostalgic archival material, juxtaposing her Italian family history and collected ephemera with her contemporary approach to gelati.

(Distinction Award)

The packaging solution represents Mecca to the Max – max personality and impact – achieved using playful pop colours of tangerine and pink with highlights and bases of gold and white. Dialled up on make-up. Toned down for skincare. Spiral lines and moires infer quality and expertise. Max personality and cut-through that achieved cult status for the younger target market.

(Distinction Award)
Wayfinding, Signage and environmental graphics

A system of contextual wayfinding and signage elements, reflect notions of scientific processes, labeling and digital fabrication in this meticulous building designed by Denton Corker Marshall. The primary donor installation suspended between the grand spiral stair and the elliptical atrium space beneath, draws inspiration from orbital momentum and quantum mechanics.

(Distinction Award)
Spatial Environmental design

A combination of brand DNA, site context and the overarching theme of River Dreaming, inspired Studio Ongarato to create four design sub-narratives: Native Allure, Tropical Eden, Brisvegas and Dark Paradise. The resulting interplay of ideas created a tribal meets pop, kinetic hybrid personality that electrifies in its many incarnations.

(Distinction Award)
Environmental Design

Like Shanghai itself, the W hotel is a vibrant fusion of eclectic influences that inspired the conceptual narrative developed by Studio Ongarato, Captivating Contrasts; expressed through installations and art commissions. FOD installations include: The entry atrium, an activated light-scape that pays homage to laneway laundries. Layered with garments, the bright lights of Nanjing Road and the futurist Pudong skyline. The concierge kaleidoscope that reflects Shanghai’s multitude of cultures and influences. Site specific commission by AVAF in the open air courtyards. Studio Ongarato’s mural commission of local artist Coozie in the all day diner.Restaurant features installation of enamelled discs forming a dragon motif.