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Temporary hoarding for a new mecca maxima store in melbourne cbd

(EN) Photography: Anna Pogossova

The facade of a Mecca Cosmetica store

Now in its third decade, innovative retailer Mecca has evolved into Australia’s pre-eminent in-store and online beauty destination. From identity and graphic language to product and packaging design, art direction and campaign development to signage and store environments, Studio Ongarato continues to shape the way Mecca is experienced at every touchpoint. Crafted to interconnect yet hold distinct appeal to its constituent markets, its brand hierarchy originates from ‘a world of beauty’. With the flagship Mecca Cosmetica stores and their signature product line, that core idea translates into a spiralling, poetic sound-wave: the voice of Mecca. Coupled with other key graphic elements, the result is a modern identity that expresses understated luxury across multiple applications. The millennial-targeted Mecca Maxima stores and signature Mecca Max product line demanded a bolder approach: kinetic pairs of ‘M’s, pop colours, spiral lines and moirés embodying the quality and expertise of Mecca to a new, younger audience. The studio also art-directed the Mecca Max launch campaign, personifying the Mecca Max brand and attitude. Successful in leveraging Mecca’s holistic approach to design and marketing, this standalone product line was much hyped prior to launch and rapidly achieved cult status thereafter.

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    产品摄影:Anna Pogossova

    宣传活动摄影: Duncan Killick

    造型师:Emma Kalfus

    头发造型:Mich Mcquillan

    化妆 : Victoria Baron

  • (EN) Awards

    (EN) 2018 AGDA Distinction Awards, Mecca Max, Packaging